Sunday, December 27, 2009

Designer Thobes?

 Above: Television Producer  Tariq Edrees sporting Toby

I love it when designers take a traditional garment and make it glamorous. One brand, Toby, has done just that with its own unique take on the traditional men's garment of the Arab Gulf countries. For many men in the gulf countries, the thobe signifies a tie to their past that they are adamant about keeping. Many men take pride in wearing the traditional garment but for today's fashion conscious Arab youth, a little more sophistication and glamor is needed for them to sport the thobe proudly.

 As the brainchild of Saudi Arabian designer Hatem Al Akeel, Toby prides itself on producing thobes that merge the traditional with contemporary fashion elements. Toby creates pieces that are palatable to both Eastern and Western tastes and provides an opportunity for Arab youth in the gulf countries to express their individuality while holding on to their sartorial legacy. I want to buy a thobe now!

The designer:

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