Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Scene in Beirut...Sophisticated Soukman

I've decided to do something a little different and very exciting with this blog. I will be in Beirut, Lebanon until August and I've realized that the streets of the Middle East hold just as much style and sophistication as the rest of the world but unfortunately they have hardly been represented in world renowned street style blogs. This is why I have started a Middle Eastern street style aspect to my blog! The title for these street style posts will be "Scene in Beirut."

I'll be taking photos of the fashions I see on the streets of Beirut in particular and, hopefully, branching out later to other parts of the Middle East. 

Beirutis, put on your best heels and head to the streets for a photo!

The picture above is of a sophisticated gentleman I found in Beirut Souks. His style is simple, preppy, and well put together. He's found the perfect fit of jeans for his body type as well! Click on the picture for a larger more detailed image.


  1. omg i LOVE this!! im so excited to see more of these from you! hope youre having a blast!!

  2. omg i jusgt loled at "sophisticated gentlemen" wow i miss you so much that i am looking at your blog- im really sorry i havent really looked at it it is amazing! I WILL BE STALKING IT LOVE YOUR WIFE

  3. I love reading this blog, because it always introduces me to something else fabulous that I never would have known about if it was not for you. The lebanese send out a very sexy look in the way the carry and dress themselves this post has made me fall in love with the people of lebanon.

  4. I love this blog so far, Ulric! Looks like you're having a good time in Beirut! And this is such an awesome way to document your time there. Hope all is well!!!


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