Monday, March 15, 2010

DAS Collection Autumn/Winter 09

The fashionable abaya? The concept is not new in the Gulf region where women run to buy the latest, most elaborate, and most expensive abayas they can afford. But two sisters are changing the game a little bit and are making abayas with a more Western touch to them. Reem and Hind Beljafla (pictured above), the founders of fashion label DAS Collecion are Emirati nationals with a flare for fashion. After Reem set out to make her own abayas for her and her sister to wear, people took a keen interest in her designs and she quickly realized that she could make her own business out of it. She was joined by her younger sister Hind and together they make abayas that adhere to the regulations of the traditional black garment but add a much more modern touch to them. Their inspiration comes from the time they spent between London and Dubai and also fashion shows in Milan and Paris. Their newest Autumn/Winter 09 collection shows off their talent very well, incorporating exquisite draping, great use of bold colors, and the most stunning fabrics. Hopefully their line will bring the abaya into the Western world so people worldwide can appreciate it.


  1. These Abaya's are works of ART, I think even Europen women would gladly wear them!

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