Friday, November 5, 2010

Diwali Delights from Louis Vuitton!

Happy Diwali everyone! Follow in Louis Vuitton's footsteps and celebrate the Festival of Lights in style this season. This year, the luxury brand created a magical re-editing of 40 pieces from its Spring/Summer 2010 and Fall/Winter 2010 collections using fabric from authentic vintage saris sourced from all over India. Louis Vuitton even went a step further by decorating its store windows with Diwali inspired decorations in collaboration with famous artist Rajeev Sethi. This unlikely pair showcases how traditional India can blend seamlessly with modern fashion rules. 

The pieces from the Luis Vuitton Diwali collection are sure to wow guests at any Diwali celebration! Boisterously colored silk wonders are featured alongside more muted pieces creating a great range of color and style choices. And how better to promote these beautiful creations than by having Bollywood's own starlet, Priyanka Chopra, donning a piece from the collection on the cover of Vogue India's November issue! I say buy the magazine AND a piece from the collection while you're at it.
Think about the bank later:

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  1. That's really awesome that Vogue has a Sari issue. The pictures are absolutely wonderful! Glad to see you blogging again!


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