Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Olivia Palermo in DAS Abaya

Now this is what I LOVE to see! Fashionista Olivia Palermo was the guest of honor at the HauteMuse magazine event in Doha, Qatar this past week. HauteMuse is a soon to be released fashion magazine by the same women who were the creators of the blogs HauteCouturista and Fashion The Blog, Fatma Al Thani and Noora Al Thani. While in Qatar, Olivia decided to sport the national dress, the abaya, designed by none other than my favorite abaya fashion label DAS. The abaya looked stunning on Palermo as seen in the picture above where she poses with Harper Bazaar Arabia's international fashion consultant Iman Pasha. Excellent choice!

Here are some pictures from the HauteMuse event in Doha, Qatar:

Kuwaiti fashionistas Sara and Afrah Bouhamra
Olivia and Shaima Al-Tamimi
Ahmed Alsayed and Carla Mallari, creators of the Qatari street style blog nomad*
Posing with one of the sisters behind DAS abayas, Hind Beljafla


  1. Your blog is amazing Uls!

  2. olivia is beautiful and the DAS abaya aswel:)

  3. Omg! I loveeeeee what she is wearing! Go das sisters. Beautiful

  4. These Abayas are really comfortable and fashionable that a muslim women ever wants.Really Cool there possibility to buy these ?? my wife is damn crazy for these stuff.


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