Monday, March 21, 2011

Palestyle: Palestinian Fashion With A Cause

I'm always attracted to the allure of fashion with a cause. Recently I stumbled upon the brand Palestyle. The brand was founded by Zeina Abou Chaaban who is a Palestinian woman living in the UAE. She combines the handmade embroidery of Palestine and Arabic calligraphy with modern fashion sense to create bags, jewelry, wallets, and even clothes that give a Palestinian flair to trendy fashion. Most importantly, the brand strives to empower Palestinian women in the refugee camps of Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine. A percentage of every sale from Palestyle's collection goes toward the income of these women who work to bring their embroidery tradition to the masses.

The brand consist of glam accessories with high quality materials including leather, gold and Swarovski crystals. I absolutely love the jewelry pieces! Through just word of mouth, Palestyle has become a hit and is now available in high-end department stores around the world including Bloomingdales in Dubai Mall. Check out their site for more information: Palestyle

These are my favorites:


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