Wednesday, June 29, 2011

DARMAKI: The Middle East's Own Luxury Footwear Brand

The Middle East has yet another gem to add to its crown, it's very own homegrown luxury footwear designer! UK- based Sultan Al Darmaki, the Emirati designer behind the luxury footwear couturier, DARMAKI, combines cultural and artistic influences to create one of a kind designs. DARMAKI incorporates culture, high-end materials, superior Italian manufacturing, and attention to detail to create luxury footwear that makes the line a unique and viable contender in the international designer footwear market.

Sultan Al Darmaki follows the philosophy of Andre Perugia in believing that a woman's personality is revealed in her shoes. That being said, the ideal DARMAKI woman is elegant, sophisticated, and not afraid to experiment with her style. Each shoe in the collection exudes its own character that caters to a different type of woman. DARMAKI also expresses the creativity of the designer who uses different motifs, including Arabesque, while not sacrificing the femininity and sexiness of the shoes. To find out more about DARMAKI's A/W 2011 collection, check out the site here

In the meantime, here are some of my favorites:


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