Monday, July 23, 2012

Dima Ayad A/W '12-'13

So it's been a while since I've posted anything on here. I truly apologize for that, but it was for legitimate reasons. I've been working to make a lot of changes in my life and the biggest change that has happened since my last post was my big move from New York City to Dubai. This move not only allows me to write about the Middle Eastern fashion designers that I love, but to also have an opportunity to see the work up close, to breathe in the fashion scene here and to better report on the status of fashion and street style in the Middle East.

I'm extremely happy to say that I'm back in full swing and have plenty of updates and cool designers to dazzle you with. So without further ado, I present one of my first updates, Dima Ayad and her fabulously amazing A/W '12-'13 collection! Lebanese-born, UAE-based Ayad is still new to the fashion game but her designs hold their own against even the most seasoned of designers. I love the way she uses simple and sleek designs yet manages to find a way to make them quirky and playful with small but powerful details: whether it be feathered collars, bejeweled cuffs, or a ruffled shoulder on a one-sleeved dress. Her bold vision is easily translated into her designs and it's plain to see that Dima Ayad can hold her own. Check out some of my favorite designs from her new collection:

Also make sure to visit Dima Ayad's site here to see more of her amazing work!
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Thanks guys!

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