Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Egypt's Female Superstar

I'll preface this post by stating that I do secretly enjoy listening to this song:

I stumbled upon the video for this song by Ruby that I used to listen to a couple years ago. Ruby is basically Egypt's answer to the "modern female superstar." While the Lebanese music industry was booming with female singers like Haifa, Nancy, and Najwa, the Egyptian female singers were being left in the dust.

The solution: Put singers into as little clothing as possible to catch up to the already skimpily dressed (according to Egyptian standards) Lebanese singers.

The product: Ruby.

But I see one problem with this product. I think they forgot to factor in such things as actual talent and performance ability. Though Ruby's song has a catchy tune, it has no substance and her voice has no range. She does not sing with passion. And in this video she's overly obsessed with those hips of hers, but she's not exactly doing anything great with them. Her dancing is lackluster and I don't think thrusting your hips aimlessly is dancing at all. But nonetheless, she's an Egyptian superstar.

She's beautiful but there's more to being a star than looks alone:

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