Thursday, July 23, 2009

Solange's New Look

I feel bad that everyone is giving Solange Knowles slack for cutting off her brunette locks but I must agree with them. I personally am a fan of the natural crew cut look for ladies but for some reason it just doesn't fit her. Maybe it's the sunglasses?...


  1. well the good thing is true yet unfortunate: "She used to it"! she's used to being bad mouthed & never living up to "beyonce's form of beauty" so i'm sure she has thick enough skin to deal with all the heat & she was probably prepared for it all...i heard she's been wanting to do it for a while so most likely, she merely waited until SHE would be ready to handle the mess that comes along with....oddly enough it's at a time when everyone else is shaving bald too!! lol, but hey, why not do it when you're not so much of a "fashion minority" afterall....great timing?! lol

  2. Haha that's true. I must give her props for being bold and taking such a risk.


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