Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Saudi Designer Dazzles With His Collection

I was certainly in awe as I viewed the pieces from Saudi designer Mohammed Ashi's collection. Coming from ultra conservative Saudi Arabia, Ashi chose a different path from many men in his country and decided to go to fashion school. He then became a contestant on Future TV's Project Fashion, which he then proceeded to win. His fashion journey eventually landed one of his designs on the cover of Elle Oriental.

His collection flows and you can clearly see his inspiration eminating from each piece. His company’s press release states that it “is inspired by the gloomy and romantic image of a blind young boy whose inability to see the world around him, only enhances his ability to feel its powerful forces, the fable of both a simple child’s innocence and a complex look at faith and humanity. In an imaginary garden in black and white, full of followers and colors all too unfamiliar to the mind of a blind youth. All of these overwhelming images are translated into the Ashi collection, attempting to bring all of these unprecedented images to life through the use of luxurious and modern fabrics.”

The designer's pieces are subdued in color, but not in design. His aesthetic is impeccable as well as his attention to fine details. Ashi understands a woman's body and works accordingly, incorporating stunning drapery and rich textiles in the mix. You can see that he thinks of his designs as works of art and treats them as thus. The model is the canvas and everything from head to toe is carefully orchestrated to bring as much beauty to the final product as possible. I must say I think his designs are BRILLIANT!

photography: Vincent Sannier
make-up: Christian
hair styler: Romeo

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