Friday, July 3, 2009

Garance's Sexy Tomboy

I came across this picture on Garance Doré's site and fell in love immediately. This is personal style at its pinnacle. This is photography at its pinnacle. This is a perfect moment at its pinnacle. The outfit is well thought of and put together, yet gives off an air of nonchalance as if she did not even think about what she was throwing on her body. I am a worshipper of the 'God of Harem Pants' and I would sacrifice myself for the ones that she is wearing. These are the first sequined harem pants I have seen and boy do I wish I could run to the nearest store that sells them and grab a pair. Her look screams "sexy tomboy" and I love her vivacious smile and graying hair. And can we look at the shoes for a moment? They are major. 
Here's a closeup:

I LOVE the pearl detailing in the front. This woman needs to befriend me pronto!

1 comment:

  1. I posted this on my blog also, it's such a beautiful image and every item of clothing works so well. Those harem pants and heels make me green with envy.


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