Monday, July 20, 2009

Manisha Koirala in 'Bombay'

This song has been on my tongue the past week for some reason. I love Manisha Koirala. She's an often understated actress, but I love when she plays either demure or dramatic roles in movies. She always wears her emotions on her face and doesn't have to act too much to get her character across, which makes her roles seem more real and relatable.

This particular song 'Kehna Hi Kya' is from one of her more famous films 'Bombay' which revolves around the love between a Muslim girl (Koirala) and a Hindu man (Arvind Swamy) amid religious tension in Bombay. Their love survived the differences of religion, the Bombay Riots fueled by religious intolerance, and the disapproval of their family. Their heartwarming story shows that love does conquer all.

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