Friday, August 7, 2009

Givenchy Couture Fall 2009: A Nod to the Middle East

As an advocate for anything Middle Eastern I was very pleased to see Givenchy's overt hommage to the Middle East in his Fall 2009 couture collection. Models were adorned in heavy gold Bedouin style burkas and gaudy jewelery. Harem pants were the order of the day. They were black and sequined, gold threaded, and white, and were paired with a variety of different looks. Givenchy even incorporated the veil in a beautiful yet tongue in cheek way, draping it playfully over the head and torso but leaving the breasts viewable through sheer fabric. Morocco-inspired red designs decorated craftily structured tops as well. As the collection moved on, it gave way to a softer look wherein the last two pieces look as if they came straight from the elfish look circa 'Lord of the Rings' with an all white sheer full-body veil covering pure white harem pants on one and a dress on the other. The collection comes at an interesting time as well with President Sarkozy openly condemning the burka (the Afghan version, not the Bedouin version) in France. Maybe Givenchy was sending a message with this collection? What do you think? 
My favorite pieces: The burkas!!!

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