Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gucci Pour Homme fragrance: My New Love Affair

It was love at first spritz, and I knew I had to take this one home. Of course I'm talking about my new fragrance purchase, Gucci Pour Homme. My lust for it became so unbearable that I couldn't help but sniff my hand all the way home (and I'm still doing so now). Pour Homme was realized by perfumer Michel Almairac in 2003 and he definitely outdid himself with this fragrance. It is robust and earthy. So robust that I could smell out the individual spices and scents used to make this mesmerizing concoction: the ginger, the  papyrus wood, the amber, white pepper, pink bay, and even leather. When you first spray it, you are immediately hit with the strong ginger scent but that dies out quickly leaving way for the earthy wood, amber and leather aroma to linger on. The aroma is akin to that of cedar and it is VERY sweet smelling for a wood scent. It actually reminds me of the Nag Champa sandalwood incense so readily availabe in India and which I use exclusively as my incense of choice. Maybe that is part of the reason for my love affair. 

As it is such a strong scent, one spritz can last the whole day without dying out, which makes this fragrance a great one as far as economics goes. The man best suited for this fragrance is equally as bold. The kind of a man that turns heads and draws attention when he walks into a room. The kind of man every man wants to be.


  1. I walked into L&O just to see if i could try this today after reading your post.

  2. lmao did you find it? I'll wear it tonight for you :)


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