Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Look: Farewell to Skinny Jeans?

Is it time to man up and ditch the skinny jeans? Fall 2009 collections are saying yes. This fall, we may see the comeback of wide legged pants for guys. This may come as a relief for all those who despised the body-hugging, glued-on look that has become synonymous with cool hipsters and fashionistas alike.DSquared joined in on the wide legged comeback with their wide legged destroyed jeans and khakis. Even Dior Homme, the perennial purveyors of skinniness made a bold step in incorporating wide legged (almost harem style) pants in their Fall 2009 collection. A definite plus to this trend is the fact that wide legged pants can be worn by most any body type, whereas skinny or slim fit pants are more tailored toward skinny/slim men. So more men can join in on this trend without worrying about size issues.

The current recession can possibly be to blame for this comeback. Designers are trying to garner more customers, and by sticking to the basics and making their clothes more wearable for the regular sized man, they hope to achieve their goal. I'll definitely be buying some wider legged pants for the fall but I'm definitely holding on to my slim fits as well.

Highlights from the DSquared Fall 2009 Collection:

Highlights from the Dior Homme Fall 2009 Collection:

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  1. i actually cried a little after reading this post.

    I heart skinny jeans.

  2. No worries. I think they're here to stay. Wide legs are just making more of a comeback. I for one will still be wearing my skinnies!

  3. thank goodness, guys in skinny jeans was getting a little intense. But can I wear wide leg too>


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