Thursday, August 6, 2009

Japan: The Most Innovative Design Capital?

I continue to be amazed by Japanese architecture and interior design. I would even venture to say that Japan is home to some of the most innovative achitects and designers the world over. I think it stems from the Japanese infatuation with radical simplicity. Clean geometric shapes, simple modern colors, and minimalist decoration is at the paragon of Japanese design. That along with the need for space-saving buildings in one of the worlds most populated metropolises, Tokyo, combine to make for the most style and space conscious designs.

Origami inspired house in Tokyo. Space consciousness to the extreme.
An apartment building in Tokyo

The Japanese also have an eye for aesthetics and the beauty of the natural environment. So much so that gardens are popular inside the home and out. Nature is incorporated with the architecture as much as possible. Nature extends to natural light and many Japanese homes try to include natural light as much as possible through the unique placement of windows and through open areas in the home.

Shell houses in Japan that incorporate both light and nature
Nature is brought into the home with this indoor rock garden

Since the typical Japanese person is averse to clutter, measures are taken to alleviate the bother. Hidden drawers, trap doors, and multipurpose furniture are ways in which Japanese interior design handle this need for less clutter and more minimalism. This makes for very smart homes where a staircase can double as a bookshelf or a wall can become a bed. modern bedroom with minimalistic features
traditional mixes with modern in this living room space
"Reversible Destiny Lofts" in Tokyo


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