Monday, August 24, 2009

Rad By Rad Hourani: Holy Androgyny

Newcomer Rad Hourani is no newcomer when it comes to designing signature pieces that clearly relate his design aesthetic. The four seasoned native of Jordan revels in the realm of androgyny and his new line 'Rad by Rad Hourani' is a stark testament to that. It features 15 unisex looks that offer designs that are similar to his high end collections but at lower prices and with more wearable material such as cotton and jersey in lieu of the black leather and cashmere he usually works his magic with.  All his pieces are between $100 and $400 and include his signature slim fitting slashed pants (made of denim instead of strips of leather), relaxed graphic tees draped with asymmetric fabric, and heels for men. The designer takes great care to make sure his collections are seasonless and does not care for trends. This makes Hourani's collections a totally non-conforming, unbiased product of his creativity. 

Hourani says " I started imagining clothes the same way I started creating images: with a sense of curiosity and innocence driven by my no-background background. No school. No teachers. No telly. No boundaries. No formatting, I like the idea of a world that we could live and shape by ourselves, only by observing. Each our own. My clothes have erupted from this world of mine. They are asexual, aseasonal, they come from no place, no time, no tradition, yet they could be home anywhere, anytime. They exude a sense of discreet chic, the essence of timeless style, drawn on a monochromatic and graphical canvas. Palette of blacks, touches of pure whites and intense reds. Sophisticated modern classics for anti-conformist individuals."

Once again, the drapery in this collection catches my eye. It is done so beautifully. At times drapery can be overdone, but Hourani (like many designers of Middle Eastern decent I have noticed) has an eye for this fine art. His clothing is designed to flow and though the pieces are very angular, the drapery lends a softer edge. The collection will be available in stores late November.


Below are pictures from his Fall/Winter 2009 high end collection:

Photos via Jak & Jil

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