Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Asian Invasion

Confession: I am obsessed with Japanese and Korean dramas! Like obsessed to the point of no return. Some days, I spend the whole day locked in my room watching them. Yes, it's that bad. They are just too good.

My current watch:

One thing I am learning from these dramas is that Asian street fashion is sensational! I don't think I've watched one series where I wasn't enthralled by the clothes the actors were wearing. In my opinion, it seems that young Asians (particularly Koreans and Japanese) are way more creative when it comes to fashion, and everyone goes to great lengths to look different from the crowd. Some of it may be a little over the top for me, but most of it is simply genious!

The length of the plaid jacket paired with the tightness of the jeans sits well with me.

I LOVE her top! She (as many other Asians) has the body type to pull off such a loose fitting, free flowing top.

Denim bloomers! I haven't seen harem style pants in denim but she rocks them confidently.

Those pants! What a statement.

I like the put together top half and the baggy boyfriend pant bottom.

Those shoes add a pop of color that livens up the whole outfit. Sometimes only one wow item is needed to sell a great outfit.

Safari in the city?

Give me those boots. And while you're at it, throw the jacket in. kthanxbye


  1. how do you understand the dramas? theres no subtitles?

  2. This video doesn't have subtitles but where I watch it, they have subtitles.

  3. ohhh i want to try watching one one time, which do u recommend?

    check out my blog btw!! i made a new post!!!

  4. Hey, it's Jamie. I just restarted my blog!!! you should read it.

    Anyway, I love Asian street fashion too. I have this book called FreshFruits, and other than very badly translated descriptions of outfits, it's literally just pages of amazing pictures of people a photographer saw on the streets of Harajuku.

  5. Oh yea I've seen that book! I love it. And I'll read your blog pronto.


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