Sunday, June 28, 2009


I stared in disbelief at my mom after she told me Michael Jackson died. It was such a shock because he still had many years to go. It kind of reminded that anything is possible and death can be only a door knock away. 

It hit me hard as I'm sure it did billions of people around the world because whether they liked it or not everyone grew up with Michael Jackson. My mom said she used to listen to him all the time back home when she was a kid, and I could relate because I listened to him as a kid as well. 

His dance moves, his fashion sense, his catchy songs, his effervescence on stage, his looks, and his scandals have all been talked about, read about, watched, and dissected worldwide. That is tremendous stress for a person to handle but MJ handled it as best as he could. Though there were mistakes and screw-ups in his life, Jackson bounced back and will always be remembered in my heart and in the heart of many as the King of Pop. There will not be another Michael. 
I was always fascinated by Jackson's fashion sense. He never let the audience down with his costume choice. His outlandish diamond studded Balmain-esque jackets, his sequined pants, his rolled up suit sleeves, his gloves, and highwater pants over white socks, all captured the attention of many. The world adored him and many tried to emulate him to no avail. There is only one Michael Jackson and, dead or alive, he will continue to be with us.


  1. He's the Greatest!!! :)
    I think it's so shocking to people because all those years, through all the scandals he Kept a smile on his face, he never let his fans down...He Told us he Was Invincible...said He Never Can say Goodbye and we believed him...So now we're dealing with REALITY, something he tried his best to "escape" as he would often say, but soon the funeral will be here & we'll all cling to his Music even more because more than anything His music is Invincible, classic, timeless, & i'm sure it'll outlive generation upon generation....

    goodness I LOVE that man!! lol..

  2. you've said it better than I ever could! And you are so right about clinging to his music even more. I just downloaded a boatload of his songs and plan on playing them on repeat.

  3. likewise...i've been purposely leaving my checking account slightly dry to discipline myself from all my online spending, but This is definitely a reason to "Splurge"!! lol...i can't wait to get it ALL...even stuff i already have in peices...i want the hard copies tho...nothing like holding that booklet & reading the credits! :)


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