Monday, June 22, 2009

Caramel is Oh So Sweet

This is one of my favorite Lebanese movies Sukkar Banat (Caramel), which premiered on May 20, 2007 at the Cannes Film Festival.

Watch the TRAILER:

I love it because it shows the heart of Lebanon. The Lebanon that doesn't get shown enough to foreigners these days. We always see news from Lebanon relating to political and religious issues, so it is refreshing to watch a Lebanese movie that deals with everyday Lebanese life, romance, and a sprinkle of comedy.

Nadine Labaki, the director and main actress in the film, delivers a powerful performance as Layal, a Christian Lebanese woman who is stuck in an affair with a married man. However, she is just one of the women in this movie who struggles with tradition, love, sexuality, and aging in modern day Lebanon.

The name of the movie-"Caramel"- comes from the caramel Layal uses as wax in her beauty salon around which most of the film is centered. Nadine confesses "It was important for the action to happen in the beauty salon because it's a very important place in every woman's life because there is a lot of hope." Nadine also went on to say that " is much easier for [women] to just confide and tell secrets..."

With the salon as the backdrop, the viewer gets to see Lebanese women as they have never seen them before. The walls of society have been taken down and in the salon, the beauty and free nature of these women shines brightly. I've watched and rewatched scenes from this movie over and over again and I still don't tire of it. Everyone should watch! 

Here are some stills:

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