Saturday, June 20, 2009

Nancy Ajram-Lamset Eid

Video Summary: In a short-movie drama in times of war, Nancy plays the role of a lady separated from her lover, a resistance leader, who helps him by transmitting secret information about the enemy. Nancy sadly recalls, on New Year's Eve, the events since the last time she had seen him.

Nancy does it again! She manages to look oh so flawless and glamorous in this video and her acting is so on point and mesmerizing here. No matter who she is portraying, she always hits the mark perfectly. I love my girl Nancy!! And once again, the main man is so handsome! No worries, I'll find my Lebanese love someday :)

Translated Lyrics:

Touch of your hand, I would agree, and I will forgot you're away

How love is written, it divided my heart in three parts, a heart that loves you

a heart that melts for you, and a heart that is jealous!

Take me in your hands, take care of me, make me feel your presence

I don't know the value of my eye, untill my eyes see you

Promise that you will be by me, and promise me that you wont seperate

My soul, my eyes, my heart were made to love you!

If I don't stay by you, and on your shoulder I didnt sleep...

If I don't stay by you, and on your shoulder I didnt sleep...

It means that I havent lived my life, and I havent been born in this world

Here are some stills from the making of the video:



  1. nancy is beautiful and so is her man. everyone should watch this and hear her music!

    free palestine!


    joe the plumber

  2. i like her a lot....

    check out my blog


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