Friday, June 5, 2009

A Diamond in the Rough: The Fashionable Hijabi

 A lot can be learned from looking at two seemingly distant things through another lens.  

Case in point: fashion and hijab. Two things that do not sound like they should go together right? 


Recently I've been fascinated by the way women in the Middle East (and Iranian women in particular) wear their hijab. For some its mandatory, for others it is a choice. But each women, each country, each culture has its own personal touch which makes the hijab much more versatile and gives it a beauty all its own. A lot can be learned in the fashion world from studying the draping techniques, fabrics, and color palates ordinary Muslim women use everyday. 

A sea of pink: Just a few of the ways hijab is worn. I personally love the rouching in the top left corner. Also love the hijab's translation into high fashion in the bottom right picture.

Love love love the blue tiger print hijab combined with the blue leapord print of the shirt and the zebra stripe belt!! She looks ready to go on safari.

Lesson Learned



  1. omg! this was such a good post! i love how you did your homework and really knew what you were talking about, ive always wanted to see what i would look like wearing one of these


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