Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fly Hi

If "FLY" had a spokesperson, it would definitely be Dennis Robles. I happened upon one of his contributions to the mega street-fashion site Lookbook.nu and I was hooked from then on. This guy's style is so inspirational and versatile. To me, his combinations are perfect! 

Check out some of his outfits: 
Those shoes add so much flavor to this outfit! It gives this preppy look a little bit more edge and sophistication.
I love the polka dot shirt. You don't see that too much on men, but he rocks it with grace.
I MUST HAVE THOSE HAREM PANTS! They are sensational and look perfect paired with the oxfords.
What a statement he makes with these floral print shoes. He is the epitome of Spring/Summer chic here. I love the pairing of the blazer over a t-shirt.
I might have to raid this guy's shoe closet. 
I admire a man who takes risks with fashion and carries off any look with confidence.


  1. im such a fan of his outfits especially his birkins...

    check out my blog

  2. How did this man afford two Birkins?

  3. I did some searching and he's actually a trader of authentic high end designer bags. Check out his site: www.authenticite.com. No wonder he has the most amazing birkins.

  4. Ooh I love i LOVE!!! Especially the shoes!! man he's good!


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