Friday, June 26, 2009

Etro Spring 2010: Finally Some Color!

So how do I describe Etro's Spring 2010 collection? One word: COLOR!! And lots of it! From the clothes to the models, Etro gave us the whole rainbow in a runway show. This collection is my favorite of the season simply because of the color choices. It was such a relief from all the grayness and drabness many other designers chose as their color palate. Hello, this is a SPRING collection. Make it "Spring-y". 

Etro dazzled me with their colorful paisley pants and shirts. And who said floral prints were for grandmas in moumous? There was plenty of floral print in this collection but none of it looked even close to something a grandmother would wear. Every piece of the collection seems clearly thought out and spiced up: from the outerwear, to the colored loafers (a personal favorite) to the accessories... 

Another thing I love is that the pieces in this collection can be interchangeable and versatile. If you're not as ballsy as some of these models, you can wear a statement piece floral shirt with a muted jean or grey pants. 

The use of color did not only apply to the clothes. I am always happy to see diversity of ethnicity on the runway and was extremely happy to see the hues of the models change color as well. The multi-hued men tread through sand and the walls were covered with blue skies, giving you a relaxed beach vibe as you watched the explosion of color in front of you. Etro, thank you for your color!

Some of my favorites from the show:


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